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About Us

what we are

HDK Consulting Incorporated is a Mechanical and Electrical Engineering design firm. We specialize in Mechanical, Electrical, Communications and Security Systems Engineering for commercial buildings.
Established in 2013, our partners and network of professionals have extensive experience in both small and large scale projects located across the world. These projects span all sectors of the industry including Office/Retail, Hospitality, Healthcare, Institutional, Science and Technology, and National Defense Projects.

Our network of professionals allow us to service projects of varying size, small or large, with efficiency and agility.

what we want

We believe, in this age of mergers and acquisitions, there is market place opening up for small firms with "big" experience.  We want to find this market place and deliver our expertise with better customer service, value and speed as compared to larger firms. 


Our mission is “...to bring our clients large-firm expertise while at the same time, giving them small-firm value and personal service.”

- David Ho, P.Eng, Partner


what we believe

"At HDK, we believe that your success is essential to our success."

- Hugo Cea Canas, P.Eng, Partner


We believe that applying the principles of team work, respect, and collaboration to all aspects of our business will result in success for everyone involved. 


Our Partners